October 29, 2008

Zoo again

Recent zoo pictures and sketches

October 19, 2008


September 23, 2008

marker zebras for new portfolio

September 10, 2008

Zbrush is fun!

Here's my first rough attempt at using Zbrush....trying to make a photo real Asian elephant. (its not done yet...needs more sculpting)

I made the top model in MAYA , then I morphed and pulled it in Zbrush to form a realistic looking elephant. Zbrush is so powerful and easy to use, its just like sculpting with digital clay.

August 8, 2008

Old stuff....

Pages from last years Africa sketchbook... done while waiting in Kilimanjaro airport

list of animals I saw

A highlight of the safari when a bull elephant walked in front of our van

July 8, 2008

Indian residents

Indian gaur plus rhinos with dorsal neck plates

May 20, 2008

Story sketches of a rhino and his arch-enemy

May 5, 2008

elephant model

African elephant (loxodonta africana)
model made from super sculpey.

April 3, 2008

Painting elephant

Asian elephant trained to paint...........elephants!

Since the logging ban of 1989, many elephants have found work in tourist centres doing tricks to earn money. Profits from these centres help fund conservation for wild and captive elephants in Asia.

March 20, 2008



lion + pigeon

March 12, 2008


February 13, 2008


January 18, 2008

gigantic elephants