June 18, 2011

Pachyderm reference


Mauricio said...

It's always nice to see another artist's work station. And yeah, physical reference in front of you is the best...especially when you don't have to pay for the printing :)

DSM said...

I always enjoy your posts; this is a fun one to wander through.

Love the rhythm in the looping pencil drawing.

joe said...

Wow, I just get so inspired every time I stop by. The way you approach your drawings is just so refreshing! They're all just so much fun to look at! I'd love to see who you use as inspiration, if you ever get the chance. Thanks again for sharing all this awesome goodness!

christopher said...

Hey Andrew, what is that anatomy book? It's pretty hard to find decent looking muscle ref for pachyderms. It looks much better than the Goldfinger book.

-I am a huge fan by the way!

andrew said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Here is what inspires me:
Zoos, Natural history museums

Jonathan Kingdon
Paul Bosman
Rembrandt Bugatti
Paul Jouve
Bob kuhn
Carl Akeley
Charles Knight
Bill Peet
Nicolas Marlet
Charley Harper
Prehistoric cave paintings

Chistopher: Those books are part of a 7 volume series titled "East African Mammals" by Jonathan Kingdon. They are probably my favorite books in my collection, with each volume focusing on a specific African mammal group. There is a volume on carnivores, bovids, primates, rodents etc.

These are natural history texts, but the author is an accomplished artist and instead of photos he illustrates his books with hundreds of well structured drawings. Included are anatomical studies for every species he features along with gestures and more detailed works.

The pictured book, volume IIIB, has rare studies such as black and white rhino musculature and detailed anatomy of a hippos head.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for reference on African mammals.

abhishek singh said...

that's valuable information, and you have written so passionately about them, must say,your drawings seem like a hybrid chapter of an anatomy book"how to go beyond the structure", INSPIRING like always.

Marcelo Vignali said...

Gosh Andrew, you're in a league of your own. You work is transcending the industry.

froggie said...

i was actually trying to count all the 'phants and wow...totally lost track! as always, andrew...so
inspiring to see you brain up close! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the books. I went out and bought a bunch of the Jonathan Kingdom books- they're fantastic.

yeri said...

wooooow. I'm really enjoy to see ur works ;) awesome!

olivier said...

Thanks for sharing your references and your work is just amazing !